Sweet Memories

Sweet Suitcases for the Whole Family

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About Our Suitcases

Our sweet suitcases are one of the staff's favourite products as there is so much they can do with a suitcase.

They come with a variety of sweets, chocolate or both. Again catering for all allergens and dietary requirements. We can also add an extra touch with a cuddly toy, a box of chocolates and much more - for only a small additional price. 

Suitcases are available in 3 different sizes. Small, medium and Large. Prices are £9.00, £12.00 and £15.00 respectively. There is also a good range of designs.

Our suitcase stock can change significantly, and therefore the suitcases on show may not be able to be ordered - if this is the case, we shall contact yourself before completing the order.

These are a fantastic gift for all ages. Enjoy the sweet treats then use the case for storing your favourite items.

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